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Sylver & Zeus | Blog The Vlog
Sylver & Zeus is the family friendly brand of Sean and Natalie Keil. We are youtubers, vloggers, musicians, and sell online merchandise.
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Episode 160 – A Song About the Motherfly | Ruby’s Radiator

In Episode 160: Reachy-Grabby Tibs, fussy tummy time, a song about the Motherfly, fixing Ruby's radiator, and rescuing the peed-on chairs. We release a new single each month! Check out our most recent release "Your Princess is in Another Castle" here: Direct subscribe to...

Episode 156 – Getting Custard!

In Episode 156 of Our Daily Vlog: Sean goes to work, Nat doesn't go to help someone, the car develops an overheating problem, little-black-queen-cat makes an appearance, we tell you how high school seniors are like Eeyore, Nat tries a caramel candy, Tibs does some...