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Sylver & Zeus | Blog The Vlog
Sylver & Zeus is the family friendly brand of Sean and Natalie Keil. We are youtubers, vloggers, musicians, and sell online merchandise.
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Episode 266 – Yogurt Face | The Tree Is Up!

In Episode 266 of our daily vlog: Haha bad joke no Christmas tree, we actually do decorate the house, Tibs talks back, Sean the camera whisperer, yogurt face, a lovely spring day in December, holding mom's hand in the store, going to the local Christmas...

Episode 265 – Slightly More Human

In Episode 265 of our daily vlog: Baby loves his cat, we feel slightly more human, being sick with a baby is no bueno, please shower my house in disinfectant, grabbing Christmas decorations, hello YouTube, time to pretend to decorate the house, Hecky in jail,...

Episode 264 – An Ominous Feeling…

In Episode 264 of our daily vlog: Tibs has some play time with his cousins, snagging pizza on the way out of town, taking a detour from I-25 on the way back, Tibs is SO HAPPY to be home and sleeps off the excitement of...