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Sylver & Zeus | Blog The Vlog
Sylver & Zeus is the family friendly brand of Sean and Natalie Keil. We are youtubers, vloggers, musicians, and sell online merchandise.
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Episode 262 – STRRRIKE! | Black Friday Bowling

In Episode 262 of our daily vlog: Exploring downtown El Paso, the old alligator pit, Tibs is cute in a hat, old man parkour, getting Whataburger shakes, going bowling, STRRRIKE (!), getting smoked by Grandpa and celebrating with frozen yogurt! Headed for some online shopping? Support...

Episode 260 – ROADTRIP | Take Me To Texas!

In Episode 260 of our daily vlog: Nat jumps in a pile of leaves like a little kid, Tibs meets a red-tailed hawk and is traumatized, happy birthday mom (!), Nat is bad at vlogging, Tibs gets a couple of trip-friendly toys, roadtripping down to...

Episode 255 – 3 Day Vlog-O-Rama!

In Episode 255 of our daily vlog: Work as usual, look mom we're on the Googles, Tibs gets his hair combed, Nat is a workhorse when Sean is sicky-icky, the constant learning train, cat and baby like each other more and more, a full fridge...