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Sylver & Zeus | Blog The Vlog
Sylver & Zeus is the family friendly brand of Sean and Natalie Keil. We are youtubers, vloggers, musicians, and sell online merchandise.
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Episode 229 – A Miraculous Discovery!

In Episode 229 of our daIly vlog: Standy-wobbly baby, He-Man and She-Ra fix a planter box, celebrating our strength with Sand People cries, high fives for the win, on the hunt for Halloween costume stuff, family time at home, Nat is weird and likes salsa...

Episode 225 – Called Out to an Emergency!

In Episode 225 of our daily vlog: Getting an urgent call for a frustrating false alarm, mandatory days off are okay with us, revisiting the joy of foreign candy bars, Tibs is a little weasel, falling asleep like a pack of kittens, and going out...

Episode 224 – Americans Try British Candies and Snacks!

In Episode 224 of our daily vlog: An exciting gift comes in the mail for us from our friends over in Manchester, UK - enjoy watching two silly Americans try British candies and snacks! Visit Skyelines and Sunsets here: Headed for some online shopping? Support us...

Episode 222 – HIS FIRST TOOTH 😱😭

In Episode 222 of our daily vlog: Business stuff, being cool in a leather jacket, melting at the sight of mini-sodas, Tibby's first tooth, it's easy to lose faith in people, a nice little stop off at Barnes and Noble, cool new Colorado licenses, new...

Episode 221 – Spiffy Tibs and the Cactus Rabbit

In Episode 221 of our daily vlog: Spiffy Tibs shows off his new sunday dress clothes, ditching Sunday School again because of the baby, motivating Tibs to crawl with chewing gum, the abomination of Christmas music in September, Nat is bad at chopping food, the...