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Sylver & Zeus | Blog The Vlog
Sylver & Zeus is the family friendly brand of Sean and Natalie Keil. We are youtubers, vloggers, musicians, and sell online merchandise.
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Episode 209 – A Very Special Souvenir From Aspen!

In Episode 209 of our daily vlog: Borrowing Truckie for a special errand, Tibs cropdusts some poor passers-by at Home Depot, taking a beautiful drive through the mountains to Aspen, fall starts early at 10,000 feet, Sean gives a pro-tip for not dying, we bring...

Episode 207 – Germ-X Baby Pro-Tip | Ya Snooze Ya Lose

In Episode 207 of our daily vlog: Sean shares his pro-tip for keeping baby clean, surreal moment during brunch, goose-egg Tibs, the dog is neglected, teaching baby to say mama and dada, screechy noises, Sean spoils us with enchiladas, and ya snooze ya lose in...

Episode 206 – We Did a Thing!

In Episode 206 of our daily vlog: We dress like real people to go to a thing, name tags make everything official, we signed up to do another thing soon, and Tibs is cute playing while we work :) Headed for some online shopping? Support us...